Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey Everyone!!! 

ICR turned a YEAR OLDER yesterday…..  and as all of you would be aware of the celebrations going on the ICR... Hope you are having fun there... 

We have put together a TREASURE HUNT FOR YOU PEEPS…. TREASURE HUNT is a game where participants try to find hidden articles/objects termed as TREASURES with the help of CLUES, respectively…..


AND ONCE you have found the treasures mentioned, you will have to email us, exactly the name of the creation on which they found the treasure and the name of the creator…. {as it appears in the ICR GALLERY}


So let’s get Hopping to Hunt them ALL DOWN!

You should have arrived here from Sudha's Blog

If not make sure you begin the HOP 2 HUNT from the Indian Craft Room 

and Here's your Treasure and Clue to be picked up from here :)

Image Courtesy:

Ecru and Red CS, Papermania PPs, Ribbon, Faux Stitching, Pie Lane chunky glitter, Shell stickers, Rhinestones and a circle punch. 

·         * Make sure you hop around to each designer from the START {ICR} and leave your thoughts in the comments section, on every SPACE.

·       Collect your CLUES FOR ALL THE TREASURES MENTIONED ON THE CARDS and LOOK for it IN THE ICR GALLERY…. And send in your answers to, with details as to NAME OF THE CREATION and THE CREATOR as it appears in the ICR GALLERY, with the subject Hop 2 Hunt!

* Like the Indian CraftRoom PAGE on Facebook

Blog hopper, who fulfills the above criterion and WHO WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GIVE ALL THE ANSWERS CORRECT, would stand to WIN the CANDY TREAT!

So there will be JUST ONE WINNER for the sponsored CANDY!

Since “Hastkala”… Ashaon Ka, also completed its second year a couple of days ago, THE SPONSOR CANDY is a combined TREAT….. :D

The blog hop will be OPEN through Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ 11:59 pm IST.  Winner will be announced on Sunday on ICR as well as all the “HOP 2 HUNT” Treasure blogs.

So along with the SOURCES to TREASURES, be sure you leave, love and like!!!

PERSONAL THANKS to ALL PARTICIPANTS who joined us yesterday at the LIVE CHAT EVENT on ICR….. It was a time, hard to forget throughout the year and makes us all excited to look forward to another year of celebrations in 2013!!!

Every single detail would be recorded to this ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION on a separate post, for ALL, at the FORUM DISCUSSIONS under ICR TURNS ONE!!!

Catch up with you ALL soon on ICR  : D

Your Next Stop is Asha's Blog:

Thanks for Visiting!!!


  1. Oh Wow!!Card Looks amazing!!The Ribbon,Image and those Little starfish and Shells are just perfect :) I really loved your take on this theme!!Its really awesome !!

  2. your card has completely different look! very nice.. thanks for clue..

  3. wow!! Best card of the lot!! :) :)


  5. wow.. the ribbon adds up to the look and i loved the way to have given the treasure & clue... smart idea...

  6. lovely card shalini.... liked how u showed the clues...hopping over to collect the treasure

  7. very elegant card Shalini. I loved it very much... n yes dont for get about the tutoriallll :).

  8. Wow! Shalini loved the colour combo on ur card...
    The Ribbons,Shell stickers, Faux Stitching,and the use of Pie Lane chunky glitter in the making of plants, also the use of Rhinestone all this make ur card so alive...
    Hope I 2oo find the treasure;)

  9. very pretty card the way u have given the clue..very innovative

  10. Nice card Shalini!! I love the colorful ribbon and the bow and ur idea of writing the hints on the scallops is also nice...

  11. Very nice card Shalini! Your idea of writing the hints is also very nice. I love this.

  12. Shalini you have done a great job loved the color combination on ur card.The Ribbons,Shell stickers, f aux Stitching,and the use of Pie Lane chunky glitter in the making of plants all this make your card so awesome.

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