Monday, October 03, 2011

The Bestest Buddies ever!!!

29th September, 11:40pm – 8 amazingly talented ladies and super awesome friends made this moment a memory of the lifetime for me!!! 

Experienced a flood of emotions… shock, tears, laughter, disbelief, noooooo, whaaaat???, reallllly???, awwww, booo hoooo…. Everything at one go!!!Free Smiley Courtesy of

Imagine a blog hop just for You!!!  Yes buddy, you heard it right!!! And that’s exactly what these darling sweeties did:

No words dat I write or utter can justify the gratitude and respect that I have for these buddies 
for going this super extra length and arranging this for me!!!  
It felt and still feels like a dream… 

I do wake up even now and go back to their blogs to see and believe dat it did happen!!! 

I almost hd a mini heart attack the moment I saw it… and you guys call me a 
hysteric freak;) Free Smiley Courtesy of 
lolzzz…. well I was, almost for the whole day… because the shock didn’t end there… 
as ‘someone’ said, “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’…  

take a guess at what was my bday gift!!! Ta da …. A Scor Pal!!
...I almost fainted!!!Free Smiley Courtesy of

Never even in my wildest imagination could I imagine that my angels are granting me my top most wishJ !!! woo hooo!!! Free Smiley Courtesy of

Check out the amazing cards these ladies sent my way… super duper awesome… 

I am on cloud ‘9’ and feel so so lucky to have you in my life dear friends… 
u are my lifeline!!! 
Thank you so much for accepting me as one of you! 
I am truly blessed!!! 
My heart melts to even think what you guys just did for me!!! Free Smiley Courtesy of

Looove you loads!!!Free Smiley Courtesy of

and a Big Big Thank You to all my bloggy friends who sent such heart warming wishes to me on my bday!!!Free Smiley Courtesy of


  1. Shalini... you deserve this and so much more.. Having you in my life is a blessing.. thank you for being you and so supportive.. Love you loads... Muahhhh ({})

  2. :)
    choo sweet :)
    congrats shalini :)

  3. we get a super awesome post!! yay!!! How much time did you spend crying while writing this post?
    Acche logon ke saath accha hota hai!! :D
    Enjoy your new gift!! :)

  4. Aweeeeeee....such a fabulous post! Thank you so much for this awesome you are gonna make me cry :)

    Enjoy your new gift and please create something. Its been a while :)

  5. awwwwwwww this is so sweet ,shalini i love this little animation u have placed with your post they are so darn cute:)well i hope u had a super duper fab b'day,with friends like this who wouldn't!!!

  6. What a fantastic Thank You post you made with those nostalgic photos of all your friends!

  7. Firstly, I was amazed with all the efforts you put into this post, yaar! Har choti se lekar badi baat.... Downloading pictures, editing them, posting & adding our respective links, around..... OMG!!!! I stand stunned!!! Thank You so much, for the gesture..... You truly deserved it to the core.... I'm really thankful to my stars that directed me to you through ATCs...... God bless!!!

    Ash... :)

  8. And Yes! I have downloaded mine as I loved it to the core & would surely use it around, in this form.... Thank YOU!!!!

    Ash... :)

  9. You truly do deserve what they did for you :) Hope every birthday is just as memorable! :)Congrats on your brand new toy... keep crafting :)


  10. Belated Birthday wishes Shalini.. :) Seems it was full of wonders for you... as everyone is saying its true.. good ppl deserves good things :) .. Enjoy...

  11. oyylleeee!!! love u Shalu..u r one beautiful heart..jus read d whole thng :)

  12. We are soo glad you loved it!.. Deciding on a gift for you was the most difficult part!.. But our super woman Khushboo dee did it! :D :D
    We love you too! :D

  13. Glad you enjoyed your surprise! Have fun with your new toy! :)

  14. oh man.. for once even I cried when I read this post... and I love my pic.. :P

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