Tuesday, August 09, 2011

the lucky me... ({ })

Hey Buddies!!!

Hope you guys had a rocking Weekend and a super Happy Friendship's Day!!!

There's loads to share, so let's get straight to the point:)... 

this post is to Thank some of my precious blogging friends who sent some warm hugs and love my way... your gesture and warm notes have truly touched my heart... love you girls and thank you so much for bearing with the erratic and irregular me:)) 
i feel truly blessed!!!

Friendship Day was made super special by this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L card by my li'll darling Khushboo... this card's even won her the ICR7... Congrats Girl... The card is very very thoughtful and touching!!!  Gorgeous coloring, super cute image and love those Pie Lane Glitter at the flower center and all the glue n gloss... Thanks a ton:) 

Hold your breath for this wowwweeee card from THE Crafting Queen, Karuna...
isn't it absolutely fab... super card done to perfection!!! Thank u so so much girlie... 

Got this super elegant card from Asha... 
the embossing is so pretty and the message inside, very very heart warming:) 
Thanks a ton for making the SU stuff possible for me Ash... u r a total sweetheart!!!

And this pretty pretty Tag from our very own Ippity Chick, Ujjwal...
and can u believe this, it's an upcycled Price Tag!!! 
wow, super creative girl... 
am gonna try my hands too on these soon:) 

Thanks for inspiring me Girl!!!

Will be back soon with a card 
and yes, 
the ICR Secret Buddy Swap Notecards:))

Till Then

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Well you have to absolutely be showered be love because you are so lovable.. Big HUG to you...!!

  2. all r fab shalini !!good u recieved them 'coz they finally made u do a blogpost after ages.....!!

  3. they all look great!
    LOL @ Romina's comment

  4. happy u liked it :) hugs right back at you!!

  5. Beautiful cards...lucky you...now start making some cards!!

  6. Fabbie RAKs you got! :D
    love all of them! :)


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