Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looove You Loads Ujjwal ({ })

This gorgeousness was sent to me by the super sweet and talented Ujjwal...

this super pretty card...

check out the corrugated house... adorably cute!!!

and now, for the surprise surprise surprise!!!!  
remember the uber cool notebooks she made 
a couple of months back... 
YES, i am the super proud holder of one of those gorgeous beauties!!! 
yeah, go ahead feast yr eyes... *wink*

the notebook is so so stunning, that i really had to pinch myself to believe it's actually with me in my very own hands!!! and now that it is... i am on top of the world!!!

thank you so so much sweetheart... 
loooove u loads ({ })


  1. eee lucky duck! Super awesome stuff!

  2. yo!! super awesome!! tht notebook is fab!! lucky u hon!

  3. Cool... Lucky you! Enjoy the goodness...

  4. Yayyy... lucky you.. waise u had told me earlier only ki u got it.. but the card is super nice.. now fill nice thoughts in the diary.. :D

  5. Wow Lucky gal.Lovely stuff you the card but adore the notebook

  6. WOW!!!lucky ducky!!!!Enjoy the super cool stuff!!!

  7. no doubt ur a lucky gal !!enjoi !!

  8. :D I am glad you loved it! Have fun with it sweetie!

  9. Loove the corrugated house...with that little heart on it..beautiful!!
    Loove the diary..can I peek in what you write in it? Promise I won't tell your DH!!

  10. WOWWW!!.. lucky you!.. they are BEAUTIFUL! :D

  11. what a super sweet art friend you have! that little house is adorable, and your new diary is absolutely fabulous!! enjoy your goodies! xox

  12. check my blog :) there a lil something for u :)

  13. :) I have passed on an award for you!! :D Please do grab it!!


  14. Oh my gosh.. your cards are simply stunning!! would love if you join in the weekly party at my blog..

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