Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ICR Secret Buddy Swaps

Asha and Tejal, i seriously love you for this... 
what a super great idea girls!!! 

I must confess... to begin with i was really inhibited by the whole idea 
it really took me a week (with serious help from Tejal) to understand 
what and how to go about it!!! 
But once i did get down to making them, God, they were so so addictive!!!... i wanted to make dozens in a go.... and i really think i am soon gonna do that ;)) 

As they say... 
'All good things come in small packages'... 
it's the sheer size that makes them so so darn cute!!!

so without further blabber, presenting these li'll beauties that arrived in the mail for moi from 3 amazingly talented ladies Bhavana, Indira and Sumithra :)

These are from Bhavana :

 check out her super stamping and dat pretty pretty quilled flower... 
love the bright vibrant play of colors and the coordinated envelopes too :)) 
Thanks so much Bhavana!!!

These are from Indira:

lovely pattern papers and heart warming sentiments!!! 
and the pretty quilling!!! specially looove the book mark!!! 
Thank u so much Indira for sending such lovely stuff my way.

and These from Sumithra:

lovely embossing and stamping!!! and the quilled flower is so gorgeous... 
check out the corner book mark... 
what and absolute stunner!!! have always seen these corner bookmarks 
on other blogs, it's the very first time i actually have one:) 

and it's already being put to use... in my current read... 'The Help - by Kathryn Stockett'.    
loooove the colors.... 
thanks u so much Sumithra!!!

P.S.: recommended by a friend, this book is quite impressive!!!
"About three ordinary women about to take an extraordinary step"
Set in the early 60's in Jackson Mississippi... the book tells the story of the black maids in the 'white' society!!! definitely worth a read!!!

Back to the Swap, not only did these swap got me addicted to 
these 3x3 notecards, but they also introduced me to 2 fabulous girls, Indira and Sumithra... 
it was my first ever interaction with them... 
It is an honor to know all u lovely talented ladies!!! 
Thank you so much Bhavana, Indira and Sumithra for sending across these gorgeous creations to me and Thank you Asha and Tejal for making it happen!!!

Can't wait to share my version of the swap 
wud rather not spoil the surprise for my secret swap buddies... 

Till Then,

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Lovely collection.. glad you liked them all...i am too hooked up with 3*3 size cards. they are so quick to make and very addictive :)

  2. Lovely are one lucky gal

  3. Such lovely stuff . Lucky you

  4. These are certainly crafters envy & owners pride!!!! They are marvelous & makes us proud of the Indian talent in abundance.... All we need is an instigation to trigger the passion in us.... Thanks for all those kind words deary..... Helps us push the envelope!!!

    Ash.... :)

  5. This is super stuff... Love all of them.. And I agree... Kudos to Ash and Tejal for coming up with this unique thing... Enjoy these.. :-)

  6. Great things come in small packages!! apt for these beauties..enjoy them..
    thanks for the kind words!! i'm still waiting for the pinky tiles!!

  7. Even I am waiting for the Pinky tiles and all she comes up with is.. sabra ka fal meetha hota hai.. way overused.. :D

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