Friday, June 03, 2011

Crochet Soap Bag


am here to share a totally non paper thingy with you today... 
yeah, me learning to crochet!!! yippeee.... 

have been quite mesmerized with it for loong... though i cn knit a bit but have never been able to get the real hang of crochet... but there were some tipping off points that got me started instantly...

this adorably cute cupcake by Lisa and the super cute amigurumi toys by Laura... plus my newest love... my niece Nysha!!! Lisa was super helpful and infact she's the one who got me started with it from scratch!!! Thank you so much girl!!! 

and guess what i came up with:  

a soap bag for my niece:) yeah, me made it:))
sorry for the bad pic :( it's a nice and soft shade of periwinkle in real!!!

will be back with more crochet adventures soon!!!

have a super looong way to go and loads to learn... :)

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. woah.... good stuff shalini... my mum crochets.. she is making laces and flowers for me to use on my cards.. :D

  2. glad to know you are learning new things..crocheting has always been fascinating to me too but haven't tried it yet :)

  3. yeah,.me too thinking of learning this,hope fully soon,pls pls make some flowers n send me,lol:)

  4. so pretty! I got something like this but yours is better cos its handmade. and also done very neatly.

  5. Ooh...nicely done! So pretty!

  6. lovely Shalini ! I have also started to learn crochet ,done with the basic stitches. With all my other stuff my yarn is also lying around.

  7. crochet was my first love.... I have made many bags and batwa's... The fast selling item though was the one for the mobile... which looked similar to the one u have made..nice one... it was so much fun... but I had to stop as it was gettin super addictive and had severe wrist pain..:(

  8. great work in crochet...I know its an addiction, once you just cant get over it..I hope that you make many more beautiful things with it

  9. I have always been fascinated by Crochet! my grandma was superb at it and would make beautiful things while watchin TV and doing crochet simultaneously!!! Miss her :(
    Love the come back!! u did a superb job girl!

  10. Wow super. You are multi talented indeed!
    I remember I had dropped in sometime earlier and thought I was following you. Now corrected the situation. I have become follower no 90!

  11. wow!.. its soo beautiful!... you are soo good at it! :D

  12. Learning to Crochet is on my bucket list of things to do-great project!!

  13. I was already a but I saw that your follower box was empty. So I followed you again and I will be subscribing to your feed.

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