Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Scrappy Scrap - let the voting begin!!!

Hey Chicas... 

hope all of you are doing super duper good... 
because i for sure am... 
in the company of so many talented ladies, who wouldn't be super fine ;)) 

what super duper creative creations girls... you all actually had me gawking at the beauties you churned out of those scraps...awesum!!!

i am omitting the scrap pics to cut the bulk in the post... 

to be fair, each of you were sent the exact number and size of stuff and the scrap just simply varied in color and design...

So, here's how you can cast your vote:

1. each of you have to list your TOP 3 favorites(could be your own too) in descending order of your liking. i.e. #1 for the one you like the best, #2 for the 2nd best and #3 for the one after that.

2. the you can either mail me your choice to or leave a comment on this post.

3. for participants with more than one submission each of their cards can be individually voted upon.

4. Anyone and everyone can vote... you do not have to be a participant to cast your vote!!!

5. the deadline is 13th March, 2011 Sunday 11.59 pm.

6. Winner will be declared on the 14th morning.

without further ado, let's get straight to the pics...

TA DA....







                       (front)                                                                                             (inside)






Priya S.
Flower Pot Pull out Card(Card1)

Shaker Pull out Card (Card 2)

Priya V.
card 1

card 2

card 3

(card 1)

(card 2)

(card 3)





Shalini M.

Shalini P.








Girlies, get going and vote for your top 3 favorites NOW!!!

Had an amazing time with this Challenge and hope you had fun too:)

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. EEk! I can't decide. Wow!! will try to narrow it down!!

  2. Oh My..this is so hard..but well if I have to choose, I will go with

    #1 Smita (Love the colors, all the circles and the fact that it is a shaped card)
    #2 Divya (I can't get over that cute little window)
    #3 Juhi (amazing details, those tiny flowers and swirls placed perfectly)

    P.S. Looking at all the beauties, I am so embarrassed with my entry. I think I could have done a lot better if I had let my mind think :)

  3. OOF! what a collection! I don't think I will be needing any numbers. all of them are super duper good! Really tough to narrow down the best three. Well ! I have to do it.
    1- juhi--love her colour combo. Everything in the card compliment each other.
    2-Mansi- love the total card. Very well made.
    3-tejal--her card oozes with simplicity and catches the eye at one go.
    If given the chance would like to choose two more. Can I?
    P.S--Can you please put my card at the bottom of this post? most disastrous it is!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wow,..amazing works with scraps,..i am very bad in working with limited stuffs,.to make a single card i almost take out all my stuffs, really hard to pick up top 3!!

  6. Wow...scrap really scores.....I really do feel like saying Scrappy Dappy dooo (from scooby doo)
    rating...hmmm...very difficult job..I have scrolled up and down this page sum 15-20 times still I am confused.
    3)Anita (love the color wash and simplicity)
    2)Smita (very quirky)
    1)Divya (God forgive my vanity, but I really do like the card)

  7. WOW!!! Awesome work by everyone. I will take a few days to scroll up and down about a million times before I decide......just for the chance to look at the amazing work. Once again, Shalini, thanks for this challenge.

  8. I am finding it so difficult to choose..I will need some more time too :)

  9. OMG its all terrefic,I am really bad in picking the best.So leave it to you.

  10. They are all so beautiful, and I think the harder you look, the harder it is to choose. Will come back one more time....this is my third already lol...and chose then - definitely I'll chose lol. Well done to all. Hugs Lin

  11. All the cards are awesome... really difficult for me to pick the best three... so confused...U decide dear...

  12. Wow!! i feel ashamed with my card. I think i was the only one working in the dark with black and grey combo!! :| I could have doe better..... i really liked all the cards an i cannot decide which ones are the best.... :)

  13. Wow!! Amazing amazing work by everyone! Very difficult to choose just three, but here are my favorites:

    1) Tejal - damn neat work!!! Love the grid!
    2) Ujjwal - Love the inside more than the outside and outside more than the inside :-p Awesome!
    3) Divya - for the beautiful pics, for the deckled rectangle, for the gorgeous flower!

    Everyone else is 4th :) because each card is pretty!
    Shalini, this was a really fun challenge :) Loved it!


  14. OMG, all the cards are amazing, it's too difficult to favorites are
    1. Smita
    2. Tejal
    3. Priya V.
    I guess everyone who participated would have to agree that this one of the best challenges ever!

  15. Gosh! This is a tough task for me. I think pic of sent scrap could have given a better and clear idea for selection. Anyhow I am choosing this:

    1. Tejal - simple beautiful work. Perfect use of scrap
    2. Divya - For the hard work done to put all the tiny details
    3. Priya V. (card 1) - Lovely colors

    My other favorites are Juhi, Mansi, Smita, Ujjawal.....Ohhh! I wish I can put everybody in 3 ranks:)

  16. Simply Great!! Amazing work by everyone! Very difficult to choose just three, but here are my 3 favorites:

    1) Tejal - very clean and neat work.amazing colour combo
    2) Juhi - nice green effect and very creative use of lace.
    3) Ujjwal - Again very neat work and inside is very interesting and very creative.

  17. This is my fourth oh man its hard..
    Here are my 3 top favorites..
    Juhi- amazing distressing
    Smita - fun circles
    Anita- very clean and simple.

  18. #1 Tejal
    #2 Ujjwal
    #3 Mansi
    Great challenge...

  19. Gorgeous entries everyone! Tough competition!
    My votes:

    1. Tejal
    2. Smita
    3. Avni

  20. Ok, can I add to my list???? Juhi also ties second. I loved her card, but loved the other 3 too :-p

  21. All the cards are lovely
    My vote would go for:
    Indeed a fun challenge!

  22. very pretty cards...
    #1 Tejal
    #2 Smita
    #3 Divya

  23. It was hard but chosen at last
    #1 Mansi
    #2 Priya V card 1
    #3 Priyadarshini Card 2

    Well done everyone they are great Hugs lin

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