Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrappy Scrap Challenge!!!

Heyyy Girls, 
how u doing???

Have something super fun to share with you today.

A while back my blog completed its 100th post… due to some reasons I could not share the joy with you then … but as they say better late than never…  J So, today here I am to celebrate with all of you but a little differently…

I will be putting across a fun Challenge to all of you…

Long back, I was introduced to this concept by Spardha and though we did exchange stuff but the lazy me never got down to probably making them or maybe i did, did I buddy? ;)

This is how the Challenge goes…

I will be mailing out SCRAPS to all of you… yes, you heard it right… scrapsJ or crafty leftovers as we call them…

(the image is not of actuals... it's just a representation of the idea)

what you receive could vary from torn corners of pattern papers, ribbon pieces, scrap embellishments, lacey bits to anything under the sun… and I want you to create one card using all of those scraps creatively.

Apart from the scraps you receive, you are allowed to use only the following basic supplies:
  1. Card Stock
  2. Adhesives
  3. Color pens/Markers/Pens and other writing instruments
  4. Your tools like the scissors, punching machines, die cutters, etc…  Only the tools/machines can be used… what you use them on, has to be either the above card stock or the scraps…
  5. on popular demand and as suggested by Ujjwal and Tejal, have decided to include stamps in the basic list as well... however, there are 2 conditions to go with it:
          * Only one stamp allowed
          * Nimage stamp allowed... only borders, sentiments, flourishes, etc allowed :)

If I have left out anything from the basic supplies list, pls feel free to mail me and it will be considered.

  • All of you interested in participating please shoot me a mail with your postal address and contact no. before the 18th of February, 2011. The list of participants would be put up on the blog on the 18th.
  •  I’ll get the scraps out to you by the 22nd of February, 2011.
  • Considering it should reach you latest by a week, you will have time till 7th March, 2011 to make your cards and mail me the pics.
  • I will be posting the card pics on the blog on 7/Mar. Pls don’t put them up on your blogs before the 7th of March, 2011 in keeping with the spirit of the Challenge.
  • After the 7th of March, we together would be deciding the challenge winner… will come to that part later… :)
  • Prize: Rs. 500 gift voucher from either Hobby Ideas or Itsy Bitsy… winner’s choice!!!

Sounds fun??? 
So, what are you waiting for!!! 

Rush me a mail now J

Happy Crafting!!!


I'm in:
* Anita             * Asha              * Avni           * Deepti        * Divya                 
* Juhi              * Karuna         * Kavitha       * Linda         * Mallika              
* Mansi           * Neha             * Priya S.       * Priya V.      * Priyadarshini    
* Priyanka      * Rachana       * Shalini M    * Shalini P.  * Shubhra             
* Smita           * Tejal             * Ujjwal


  1. wow,what a fun challenge shalini,i am in:))

  2. this sounds like fun.. i have nvr tried it before.. so i guess i wd like to give it a go.. count me in shalini.

  3. cngrats on the blogoversary surely love to participate...count me in

  4. Congrats on your 100th post!!that sound really interesting,count me in.

  5. Congrats dear... it will be fun.. count me in...

  6. hey this is super fun challenge!! i would love to participate!! Congrats on your 100 th post!!

  7. wow, what a great idea! hurry and chk your mail. My addy is there.

  8. Oh my! Sounds like a super fun challenge...can't wait to see what you gals come up with! :)

  9. 100 posts! woot woot!

    Now thats some challenge! Am totally game :)

  10. wow shalini dat sounds amazing and interesting.. i am too game for it.. count me in...

  11. Congrats on your blogoversary!! And what a great idea you came up with...I am totally in!!

  12. Am I Late???????? I wanna be IN! toooooo..... Choti choti khushiyaan bahut aimiyath rakhti hain..... Mubarak Ho.... Hugs))))


  13. Count me in..but one stamps allowed? no rubber stamps, no digistamps? no ribbons!! You're gonna kill me if you say no to this..And yeah, I want that blue scrap with the birds! yup..being greedy like hell..I too hoard scraps..

  14. Wow, a hundred posts, I'm still such a baby lol. I'd love to join in with this, but I'm in England, think it will take more than a week to get to me. Popped over to thank you for signing up for my pearly pins. My email is if you'll send me your address...also tell me if it's possible for me to join your challenge. Fantastic idea. Hug slin

  15. Hey sounds supa fun...I want to go for it too..!! Pls lemme know ur email id...
    I m not able to access any blog, mine or anybody else' to visit urz thru a proxy server.. :(
    Any advice on hw 2 access blogs.. :(

  16. Wonderful idea. Would love to participate. I'm not sure I have your email id though. Lemme check. Will get back to you on that. Soon.

  17. I'm in Shalini!! My hands are already itching to craft :-) You have my address? Or should I mail it?

  18. Oops! Congratulations on the 100 :-)

  19. Hey Shalini..Congratulations on the 100th post :)..And What a wonderful challenge! Please count me in! I will email you my address.

  20. Hey Shalini...Congratulations on the 100th post :) and thanks for following my blog...Please count me in I would love to participate! I will email you my address. BTW how many cards should we make from the scraps?

  21. Got my package today and I am off to create. Cant wait to see what comes up......thanks much for doing this.


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