Monday, February 14, 2011

Life couldn't be better....

who is the luckiest girl in the whole whole world??? 

it's ME!!!

guess what i came back home to today... (actually right now:))

Isn't that absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

In all this flurry, i realized i haven't mentioned the sender... but do i really need to!!! am sure you guys would have guessed... Yes, it's from a sweetheart of a friend, 

have been peeping over at her blog all this while to see whether those 1000 butterflies have been revealed and   to catch a glimpse of that project... have been guessing around on what it could be... and here it is right in my hand!!!! 

wow, could i have asked for more... 

each butterfly is a beauty in itself... lovely colors, each individually glittered, rhinestones stuck and ready to take flight...

my hubby and parents are equally delighted... my DH is back from work a little early today... he and our parents were hovering over my shoulders when i was opening the envelope... and all of us said in unison ... 


Thank you so so much buddy for making my day... and what cud be a more appropriate day for this to arrive!!!

Thanks for visiting
a very Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!


  1. Wow!!Tejal,you Rock!!Love it,Lucky you Shalini.

  2. Ohh you surely are lucky, girl!! Love the card!!

  3. Well I'm grinning right now..and what they say is true..the more happiness you pass around..the more you I'm so happy that you're happy!! Happy Valentine's day! Couldn't think of someone better to send it to!

  4. Wow lucky girl.when will this luck shine on me. And super gogeous card!!

  5. gorgeous card nad you sure are a lucky gal...happy valentine's day to you

  6. Perfect!!!! By all means.... :) I love the sentiment..... Just PERFECT Sweetheart!!!!


  7. lucky you to recieve this beautiful card...happy valentines

  8. Wow waht a lovely card Tejal... Shalini u r lucky girl..

  9. Gorgeous card!! Lucky you! :-p

  10. Superb!!! so many pretty butterflies fluttering! Lucky u!

  11. "Repeat" - Lucky u :) Its such a beauty !

  12. ooooh, i just love receiving hugs in the mail! and this hug that your friend tejal sent you is about the most beautiful i've ever seen!! beautiful butterflies, shalini!! xo


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