Sunday, September 05, 2010

to my Best Teachers ever!!!

it's my very first Teacher's Day card ever... am a li'll shy to say that during my school years, i was one of those 'teacher's-pet' kinda student... so have many a teachers who have been on my fave-list... and am quite indebted to them for what they've made out of 'me'... 

Today, i would from the bottom of my heart like to thank each one of them... and this one is for the 2 of my most favorite of them all... for my Mum and Dad... this card is a small token of my love and appreciation for all the hardships they went through to bring up a nuthead kid like me :) 

Thank you for supporting me when i have been right... thank you for loving me even when you knew i was wrong!!! Love you both Loads!!!

This card has been made completely out of just 1 sheet of an A4 ecru card stock... all elements have been cut and separately colored using acrylic tones... some faux stitching, glossy accent for the tip, jute twine and a tag... dats about it!!

lemme know whose your favorite teacher till date and in what special way have they made a difference to your lives... would love to hear from you...

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  1. so sweet!.. I love the card!.. mine have been my parents too! :)

  2. lovely card. We can never thank enough to our teachers. My mother has always been my guide and after my marriage my husband guides me and teaches me so well on all aspects of life incl. crafting that I,ve learnt the hard way of always listening to him lest the trouble begins and he is my 24x7 trouble shooter as well.

  3. Cute card, Shalini. Love the colors.

    Teachers... well, till today the memory of my school teachers brings tears to my eyes. I loved each of them and have never forgotten anything they taught me about life. Have quite a few favorites (parents aside) but the most favorite has to be my school principal, Dr. C J Joseph. I don't think I've ever met someone who has influenced me so much.

  4. aww!! watta sweet card , u really worked the colour so well!! great work!!
    hugs ash

  5. This is so cute. i really liked it for its simplicity! Whats ECRU paper btw? i can see some difference in texture of the paper :) very pretty

  6. very pretty,love the lil.tag
    I am really scared of teachers in my school days,even till college:)))but my first two art teachers(sudha mam and hema mam)who thought me all the basic of art are my all time favorites:))they are so lovable,we call them as aunty only:))


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