Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Spooky Cat!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Hope you're doing grrrrt!!!

the last few days have been both busy and fun... loads of super exciting stuff happening... and i am here to share one of those with you which went up on the Blackleaf Studio blog today... 

Today's post is about my first time attempts at some things... 
Warning: this post might be a little wee bit longer than my usuals but i hope i can manage to keep you going till the end :)

Tanvi @ Blackleaf Studios sent us some of these amazingly fun DP sheets for Halloween for us to play with... This was my 1st ever Halloween project and i sure did have a blast doing these... 
so let's roll and see what we've got...

To begin with  is the 'Spooky Cat Cap

Isn't she a darling... Blackleaf DP combined with some crimped solid sheets, some tulle ruffles and a 'boo' teaser with faux stitching to go with it... that head on the top was created using a small tennis ball... painted all over and then eyes popped out with an extra dollop of white paint...

Next in line is the 'Spooky Cat Purse

Blackleaf spooky cat and spider web DP sheets combined with some tulle ruffles, a button and some cute blackleaf embellishes ... and yeah, faux stitching...:)

these cute flowers on the sides are from Blackleaf too...
the sheets are super versatile... they are not only great as stand alones but also create magic when mixed and matched and combined to give a completely different look all together... 

love that web sheet specially... have reversed colours to match my project and added dat tiny rhinestone... 

Ghosh, i dint even spare a Halloween project 
with my 'bling mania' ... :D

Coming up is the 'Spooky Cat Treat Cone'

Blackleaf DP with some faux stitching, matching ribbons and feathers...
notice that tiny creepy creature that has crawled it's way right to the top??? 
that's my 'Spidy', the spider...

isn't he adorable!!!
a rough sketch of his body and eyes, cut out vaguely, coloured and his legs fixed and coloured too... (Thanks Mel)

have added a small wire spring at the back, 
which gives it a pop-out effect...

and yes, a generous coat of gloss and he's ready to crawl!!!

And last but not the least is the 'Spooky Cat Card'

Blackleaf skull DP, spider web DP, Spooky cat DP combined all into for this one... have burnt and distressed the edges of everything possible on this card... 

i was having so much fun doing this, din't realise the whole room was smelling of burnt ashes strong enuf to send my hubby in a tizzy!!! he came running to inform me dat something was burning and then went back fuming when he saw 'who' ws behind all this... lolzzz....

Some gross grain ribbon, a cat charm and an acetate pocket which i stitched with my mum's sewing machine... it's my very first attempt at real stitching ever on my card... ws wanting to do this for looong:)

that's a pull out Tag inside the acetate pocket...


and here's the inside view...

For more fun, info and projects head over to the Blackleaf Studio blog.

If you wanna catch hold of these and other amazing stuff by Blackleaf, head over straight to

Gorgeous DPs, stamps, clip arts, tags, stationery sets, cutting files... they have it all at unbelievable prices!!! here's a sneak peek of the fun...

Ok, so dat about completes my blabber for today... 
bt i can feel the butterflies roaring in my stomach for tonite's challenge... 
fingers crossed!!! 

 Thanks for the patience!!!:)


  1. Oh my God!!! Shalini, these are gorgeous creations... You know what? I don't really ever find Halloween projects to be cute and nice; but you have done a super job. Love all the pink; the gorgeous tulle and the cute tags, charms et al.

    As for the butterflies in your tummy... shoo them away to the garden because you are going to be super cool :-))

  2. One generally doesnt associate pink with halloween, but here it totally ROCKS!!! Fantastic projects Shalini. I love the addition on black ruffles and the cute tag inside the acetate pocket and the burnt edges. Its all in these little details that everything comes together and looks fabulous. Lovely!!! Good luck for tonight.

  3. WOW!.. i cant decide what's my fave!.. it all looks awesome!. rly rly cute!.. and the "bling" part looks fab too! :)

  4. omg,u did all these?superb ones.Love the colors and all the projects:))

  5. OMG!! this is outta the world! You rock girl :))

  6. Oh my! Such fun and creative projects! :)

  7. Fabulous creations Shalini... just love all the things u created... with creations like these, Halloween would not at all consider as spooky..lolzz
    Hugs, Neeti

  8. I just loved the spooky purse. Amazing work!

  9. Like spardha said...I cant decide which is my favorite !!!!! they are simply gorgeous....each and everyone...each one has a different speciality !!!
    The black ruffles , the cute pink purse, the bling !! and omg the burnt distressed edges !!!
    Love em alll......

  10. OMG, wow wow wow......I'm speechless!so extremely creative, n the colors are just gorgeous....the burnt edges are just brilliant!...looks like a loooooooooot of work......

  11. You were doing this and for the PWCO challenge! I'm surprised you survived..I would have died..these are spook-tacluar...And one normally doesn't associate pink with've taken a way different road..and you ROCK girl!! Love each and every project...HATS OFF to you girl!!!

  12. wow!! Looks like you had loadsa fun!! :) That burnt paper effect would be my fav!

  13. just love the purse and the burnt edges...lovely work buddy

  14. Really cute! Love the card best.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad that you found something you could use.


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