Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PWCO Challenge - Day 3


i am back with the day 3 updates... We are almost half way done!!! 
The 3rd Challenge was an inspiration challenge:

'Base your card on an animal of your choice, it must be more inspired than simply the stamp you use, but the overall feel of the card. Specially, the card has to be more than just using the animal stamp.  For example, you can look at Zoie the Zebra, and make a card using a zebra stripe pattern, or make a jungle themed card using the Jungle Jesters.  The variations are endless. 
We’re not going to be super picky.. all we want is to see how the stamps inspire YOU to make an out of the box project.'

and Spardha cooked up this amazing layout with the cute li'll pic of she and her sis... she's a super pro at doing things differently and this is no exception...the doily looks gorgeous and the doodling completely stands out!!!

here's a sneak peek of her work:

For the complete view get going to the Splicoaststampers Gallery...

Thanks for visiting!!!

P.S.: It's my turn tonite and my heads spinning all over :(


  1. thanks dee!.. ooh u the blog link is wrong. :)
    don't worry!.. ill be up all night!.. m wid u! :)


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