Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it the Weather or Me???

or maybe both... 
it's been so so hot here recently and i have been so so lazy to get to making anything... that now i am feeling guilty :( 

all i hve been doing is doodling sketches of the cards i wanna make... surf fellow crafter's blogs... and feeling more guilty!!! there's so much brewing inside my head but somehow i am just not able to get down to doing anything... is the heat only just getting to me or what???

before i stop making sense (was i anyways in the 1st place???) anymore, just wondering when will rains and gud weather gods shower some respite on us in Delhi!!!

till then, 
Happy Crafting!!! :)


  1. hey!.. dun wry.. just chill!.. dun push urself for making cards.. it'll cool down in some time and you'll be amazing us with ur awesome creations again! :D

  2. *LOL* I'll send you some rain from Singapore!:) Hope the inspiration from crafting returns soon!

  3. :) Is it the weather in Delhi.. it is the printer here in Pune ;) Good excuse I know.. lol

    Hope to see u soon! :D


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