Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love You!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

have u ever got up @ 5 in the morning to craft??? well i did, today...

had to leave this card unfinished a couple of days back... and suddenly in the morning had this super urge to go and finish it:) [i wish this urge wud continue, so i cud be a little more regular with crafting]...

Well, there's another reason for this urge... made this card for my sis-in-law who is probably the sweetest sis-in-law in the world... she's a total sweetheart and i totally totally adore her...

bt she wud be leaving bak for her home soon and i wud really miss her:( so, this is a small token of my love for her... We love you Pooja:)

choco chip, baby pink and ecru card stock, ribbons, some coloured stones, faux stitching and that's about it...

Nothing much to write about the card except that it's very close to my heart and so is the person for whom it's made... hope she likes it...

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  1. Oh! How sweet! :)

    P/s: I do get up early to craft. It's quiet and surreal...perfect for crafting! ;)

  2. cuuute!!.. love it.. the hearts are ADORABLE! :D

  3. love the colour combo(one of my fav) and the heart too:)

  4. wow.. stunning colour combo. Me loves!! I am ought to try this combo!

  5. woke up at 5 am to that's dedication.......I have often stayed up late to complete a craft project but never woken up early for one :P
    gorgeous card, esp the color combo, I'm sure ur sis in law will love it.....

  6. Beautiful (both the thought and the card)... I'm sure she loved it :-)
    5 am - very very good ;-)

  7. I have once sat till 3 to finish something..never a morning person..always the owl...
    Fabulous card..I'm sure she'll love it..whatever made with love, gets a lot of love..


  8. This is such a gorgeous card..I just love it...wish u could give it to me too ! Now thats too hopeful :P
    He he...but really good choice of colours...which I absolutely lack...After making a card I realise...oh this colour would have looked better :P
    Keep it up :)

  9. amazing card!! I loved those cute little hearts :D
    And i use to do that a lot.. waking up at odd hours to do some creative work.. :D I dunno when will my current job allow me to do that again :D

  10. Oh.. This is so adorable.. very neat.. great colour combination and I like the shape of the card too.. Long looks good.. All in all a superb card.

  11. Lovely card!! Great subtle colors and nice clear design!!
    I am sure your sis is gonna love it and it would make your bond even more stronger :)

  12. i really love the color combo...very subtle...

  13. Wow lovely card! the hearts are adorable!

  14. what a sweet card! definitely worth getting up so early to create.....and i know that your sister-in-law will love it!! thanks for stopping by my blog.....i appreciate your sweet comment! :))

  15. I loved the simplicity of the card & its worth...... Worth a million of course..... No doubts, when it is made with all the love for the person who would receive it.... It is but obvious "Priceless".... Very neatly completed....


  16. Hi!
    I'm not a card maker but I love seeing the cards you make. Very unique and beautiful. I'm linking your blog to mine.. and I hope you don't mind. :)

  17. your card is so pretty,love your blog
    i dont make cards but really like some of ur designs
    do visit me sometimes at



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