Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilled Card...

Hei Everyone!!!

have been wanting to make this card for Juhi's quilled challenge on Yvonne's blog ever since i saw the post there last week... but have been crazy like insane the whole week and my hands have been itching to quill all this while... thank u girls for this lovely theme...

i simply love quilling... requires a huge amount of patience(which i usually run out of).... but the results are very delicate and beautiful... 

theres awesum amount of talent out there... and the stuff people can create out of quilling is unbelievably stunning!!! boggles me how they do it!!! here is my mini-attempt at quilling :) made this card using an inspiration from Kristina's blog...  have adapted  it to my quilling theme...

the sweet treats are quilled... the grid at top has been created using quilling strips as well...
hope you like it :)

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  1. Oh my! Love your attempt at quilling! Really lovely work! So sweet indeed! :)

  2. awesome!!.. so finally u gt time to make a card!.. whew!!.. :D
    rly nyc!.. m gonna take a few lessons frm u! :)

  3. For a person who says she doesn't have patience, that is some piece of art. Really well done..I've been meaning to take the plunge into quilling..lets see when!

    Are those stickers to spell Sweet?

  4. wow those quilled treats are amazing Shalini!! makes my mouth water :)
    Thanks a ton for taking up the challenge!!

  5. so cuuuuuute! I love your quilling treats you should quill more often!

  6. Lovely quilling, Shalini. And you say you aren't patient enough? ;-) Loved the grid too!!


  7. Thanks Girls:) yr comments are very encouraging...

    @Spardha - yeah finally... the moment i sw this challenge on her blog, it hve been wanting to make it... bt u knw hw it works wid me:)

    @Tejal - u must give it a shot... its quite a lot of fun... specially when u cn c those tiny coils taking their cute shapes... those are not really stickers... those were simple paper alphas which i double coated with acrylic colours to give it a glossy 3D feel:)

    @Smita- trust me... i am not patient enuf bt this time maybe i ws determined enuf:)

  8. This is soooo lovely.. especially the toffies :)
    The ATCs i did for April have quilled lollies similar to the one on top left.. :D

  9. thats too cute for words.U really come up with great ideas.

  10. I love the lollipop and sweets such a cute idea!
    Dr Sonia S V


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