Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Swap : Cute as a Button!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Didn't the month of Feb go away in a jiffy for you??? Well, for me it did... it seems like yesterday...and a whole month gone by!!! But with the new month, there's good news...

The March swaps are here... and the theme of the month is 'Buttons'!!!
Use Buttons... any shape, any form, any colour... as many:)

And and and... that's not all!!! Since we will be completing 3 months of swapping, a randomly selected entry will win a surprise !!! The winner will be randomly selected on the 1st of April, 2010... So Rush!!! 

For more info visit !!!

See you there :)


  1. hi Shalini... the store is in Mumbai (Bandra) Hill road. The name of the store is CHEAP JACK

  2. That is a cool theme, with freedom of great choices, to make...


  3. hi Shalini, I can buy few things for you and send you if you want :) just e-mail me and we'll see. (we could exchange delhi-mumbai buttons... hahaha)

  4. I don know how I submit my I ithat address u mentioned above & left a comment there regarding my post for this challenge.... I place one here too....

    If that is being redundant... then kindly ignore....



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