Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's in a NAME???

Don’t simple – funny questions intrigue us all the time???
During a general chit chat with a friend yesterday, the discussion went on to what names our parents considered for us before we finally got our present names… Just a strange feeling to think that we would not be ‘we’ today had our parents chosen otherwise… and then they say things (aka destiny) is predecided!!! Really?

So, I just thought I’ll ask all of you as well ;)
What other names did your parents consider for you before they finalised the current one :)
Like, i was to be Bhawana before they settled for Shalini :)


  1. Vineet and I thought of naming our son Aahan or Vivaan before settling for Aaryan. Here we thought the first was too tricky for our grannies and the older generation in the family to pronounce; Vivaan was scrapped because we liked Aaryan better... but guess what? Many older people call him 'Iron' :D.. LOL... they can't get it right for some reason!!! The name means 'illustrious' or 'of a high race'.

  2. 'Iron' lolz... Aaryan is indeed a nice name... very Royale!!!

    Agreed, my grampa used to give us kids self concocted names since our originals were 'too formal' for him... :))


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