Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Card Challenge - Entry

Hi, i know am very late for this... but just saw it :) Here's my entry for the Christmas Card Challenge on Craftzine!!! Hope they accept it!!!

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  1. Beautiful Card!.. Happy Christmas!

  2. Lovely card ~ I like the gold on it ;-).

    I enjoyed your comments on my blog! As for the butterfly album, I just made the template myself. You can draw a simple butterfly and then trace it on chipboard for the pages of your album. Lovely idea. There are butterfly chipboard albums (plain) on ebay that you can look at to get an idea. As for putting it together, you could pick one spot on the butterfly and use just one ring to hold it together. If you use only one hole on each page to hold the album together, I would suggest reinforcing the holes with eyelets...hope that helps and have fun scrapping!! Feel free to pop over to my blog if you have more questions!

  3. lovely.. as always :) Season's Greetings
    where do u get the punched star ribbon??

  4. Thanks Spardha...
    Thanks Tammy... that a big help indeed!!! thanks for taking out time to write in... Hugs :)
    Thanks Jaya - the punche star ribbon is from FCML home store

  5. the tiny reindeer is super cute!

  6. Beautiful card, Shalini. Love the colors and the star ribbon...


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