Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabric Painting

Hi, got home early today... it's really gloomy outside... no sun & a little cold... though i love the delhi winters but i prefer a brighter day than this :)

Tried my hand at some fabric painting today...

just some rough fabric, old colours... probably the autumn mood prompted me to create falling leaves... donno... plan to make a full bed spread with it though for my Mum & Dad's anniv... Letsee:)

the 2nd one's very incomplete... bt ws done for the day & will probably resume later...

 plan to make something on the lines of a warli painting bt with a different touch!!!
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  1. its reallly nice and neat shalini.... how did u get the shape of the leves so perfect??... its awesome...

  2. Thanks Chhavi...
    Thanks Nikita, am quite encouraged to finish off the entire bed spread... :) drew the edges very thinly and then coloured in...

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