Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Whats on: Diwali Mela
Place: Uday Shankar Park, behind Guruduwara, G.K.-2, New Delhi. 
Time & Date: 13th Oct: 5pm to 10pm
                                14th Oct: 5pm to 10pm

                                15th Oct: 2pm to 10pm..

What for: Chhavi( , Spardha( &   me have joined hands to showcase some of our handcrafted paper products...

All of you are cordially invited... Please DO COME!!!

How: Phew... have finally managed to finish off the 1st ever batch produce of my cards... yes! met 2 lovely ladies last week... was so so thrilled to meet them... we have more than a stuff in common... passionate to the core about papercraft... stamping freaks... craft shopping addicts... etc etc etc... we 3 have joined hands to put up our products for sale on the occasion of Diwali... 

Work in Progress... 

Finished stuff...ready to roll...

(P.S.: a special thanks to Shelly and Mom for their help and support all through!)

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Go girls! Wish you lots of luck and success :)

  2. Congrats both of you :) Looking forward to see the exhibition photos :)
    all the best...

  3. hey shalini...hope ur work got great response i the exhibition i just loved the yellow floral u mind sharing how did u make it?it looks like glass painting effect

  4. Thanks Rachana... don't mind at all, would love to share it with you... take an OHP sheet and take any chosen design u wanna make on the card... place the design below the OHP sheet and outline on the OHP with a glass outliner... then simply fill in glass colours of your choice... cut out the centre from the card stock and stick the ohp sheet behind the window with a double sided tape or glue... and there u r :) hope the instructions were clear, in case of any trouble, lemme know!!!

    all the best and do lemme know how it went...


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