Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Karan Johar...

Caught this play on Saturday at Pragati Maidan...  

Star Cast : Consisted of some well known TV personalities... Aman VermaDelnaz PaulNigaar Khan, Kiku, Feroz, Mevawala, Badrul & Richa Singh

Mr. & Mrs. Karan Johar are happily married but somehow Mrs. Johar always doubts her husband's fidelity. A breaking point is reached when one night Karan does not turn up home at all and reaches home in the wee hours of the morning. To add fuel to the fire Khushbu finds a diamond necklace in Karan's coat pocket.

Karan's savior (or he thinks) is his next-door neighbour Harry, who at every step in the interrogation, lands Karan exasperated: till karan finds himself being hurled from the frying pan into the fire.

To make things worse Chandani of Chandani Bar comes on the scene to take back her diamond necklace but by this time, Khushbu has already left Karan & has gone to her mother's home with the necklace in her possession.

Chandani tries to explain Karan that this necklace is not hers but belongs to 'sharp shooter' Shetty who had loaned it to her for that particular outing.

Bang! Starts a cat and mouse race, first to find the necklace second to make Khushbu realize the necklace is not hers. Last but not the least to hoodwink the insurance company surveyor that Karan was badly hurt in the bus accident, so one lie after another which leaves Karan helpless.

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