Monday, October 05, 2009


Don´t know why, bt i hve always been quite fascinated with calligraphic styles... Me finds them very elegant... my feeble attempt at it...

But as they say... try n try till u succeed!!!


  1. Sooo coool!.. u no i love calligraphy too.. i bought a set specially for dat bt dint lrn it much.. u sure do inspire me! :)

  2. u must try it out Spardha... even i bought dis set a couple of months bak bt never gt down to trying it... once i did, i dint want to stop... suddenly yr own handwriting seems so beautiful!!!
    would be very useful fr the writings in d cards u make... gud luk wid yrs...

  3. This is so beautiful......I have also got a calligraphy pen set, have tried it a bit too, but it requires a lot of practice.....

  4. Thanks Juhi! totally agree, does need practice fr sure... great fun though... all d best wid yr pen set:)

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